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Robbing The Dead: The Ten Days of Tana

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Cover of Robbing The Dead by Tana Collins

Robbing The Dead, by Tana Collins.

Ten days ago, we posted that Tana Collins’ debut crime thriller, Robbing The Dead, was being released by Bloodhound Books.

Since then, we’re delighted to report that Tana’s novel has sold almost a thousand copies.

That’s roughly 100 per day.

Now we know that everything’s relative – in the same ten days, the US President has had to fire a National Security Advisor for inappropriate conversations with Russian officials, invented an unnamed incident in Sweden which led to much of the world, including Sweden, scratching its head as to what he could conceivably be talking about, promised to create peace through armed force in a speech that chilled the world, declared Chicago was ‘totally out of control’ because seven people out of nearly three million city residents died in a night, invented a whole fictitious industry of paid protestors at his events, pretty much declared war on the FBI, and been shown up by the Canadian Prime Minister.

But still, nearly a thousand books. In ten days. If we’re looking for a positive impact on the world, we know where the smart money’s going. Not for nothing, in the same ten days, it’s received 21 4-and-5-star reviews on Amazon, meaning people are not only reading it, they’re also feeling strongly enough to deliver the gold dust of debut authors, positive reviews and feedback, once they’ve finished.

If you haven’t discovered Tana Collins and the Inspector Carruthers mysteries in the last ten days, don’t panic – Robbing The Dead is still available at Amazon, for all of you searching for an involving escape from the real world. We’d love to see Tana’s debut novel hit 2000 sales within its first 20 days on the market. Order your copy now, and become a Tana Collins fan this weekend.

Last Cut Casebook by GB Williams

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Last Cut Casebook Cover

Last Cut Casebook, by GB Williams

What’s that?

That noise that’s not quite like anything familiar.

That scent that has no business being there.

That pause in the conversation that’s just slightly too long and changes everything. Changes today to the last day you’ll see.

That’s fear.

That’s the bodily knowledge that things are not, not, not what they should be. That things are wrong, and you might not get out of this alive.

If you’re a conneisseur of fear, you’re going to want to slip over to Amazon and order yourself Last Cut Casebook, the latest short story collection from Jefferson Franklin’s own G B Williams.

Thirteen short stories from the Crime Writers’ Association-shortlisted Williams (who’s one of our sought-after Senior Editors) take you into worlds of crime as amateur sleuths and professional detectives pit their wits against mad bombers, twisted predators and the serial killer next door. Get your copy of Last Cut Casebook today, and get reading – just make sure you do it by daylight.


No, seriously, what’s that?


Robbing The Dead, by Tana Collins

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Cover of Robbing The Dead by Tana CollinsTana Collins first came to Jefferson Franklin on the recommendation of her friend and fellow author, Alison Bailie, author of Sewing The Shadows Together.

Tana, like Alison, had crime in her heart, and a compelling knack for getting under your skin with her storytelling. We knew big things were coming for her.

She developed a strong relationship with senior editor Gail Williams, especially working on her first novel, Robbing The Dead, which introduces Inspector Carruthers, and in the growing tradition of Scottish crime mysteries, drips with characterisation, tension and twists that kept you guessing right to the end.

Tana recently signed a deal with Bloodhound Books for her first three novels, the Inspector Carruthers stories, and we’re delighted to announce that today, Robbing The Dead is published in both paperback and Kindle editions.

You’re going to want to jump on the Tana Collins train early – the Inspector Carruthers stories will grab you from Page 1, and won’t let you go.

Get Robbing The Dead and discover your next must-read crime writer.

Her name is Tana Collins.

Patricia Wilson Publishes Island of Secrets With Bonnier Zaffre

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Patricia Wilson

Patricia Wilson tells the story of the women of Amiras.

Quality will out.

That’s rarely truer than in the case of our latest news. We first met author Patricia Wilson in the writing group some three years ago. Her debut novel clearly had punch to it even back then, and the sense of a story that absolutely had to be told. You’ll never be quite the same once you’ve read Island of Secrets, and believe us you will, because the story gets right under your skin, based as it is in the facts of World War II as they touched the town of Amiras in Crete.

When you dig up a World War II machine gun in your garden, as Patricia did, you want to find the story behind it. Island of Secrets is that heartbreaking, cathartic, uplifting story.

‘I was planting strawberries in my cottage garden in Amiras when I unearthed the machine gun,’ said Patricia. ‘That led to the village men telling me what had happened, but it took a while for the women to come forward. I was so moved by their personal experiences I felt I had to tell their stories.’

We were delighted when Patricia asked us to edit the story for her, and the delights have kept coming ever since – first she found representation for the book with Tina Betts at Andrew Mann, and now, no less a publisher than Bonnier Zaffre has acquired the world rights to the story as part of a two-book deal.

Eleanor Dryden, publishing director for Zaffre Books, said: ‘Island of Secrets is such a moving and ultimately uplifting story, I am delighted to be launching Patricia’s debut.’

Island of Secrets is a dramatic and completely immersive summer read. Greek matriarch, Maria, is dying and must share her personal story before it’s too late. Her story is interwoven with the German occupation of Crete during the Second World War, and shows the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her children.

We at Jefferson Franklin are humbled to have been able to help Patricia tell the story of the women of Amiras, and delighted that it will get the audience their story so richly deserves.

Bonnier Zaffre will publish Island of Secrets in February 2017 in e-book format, and May in paperback.
You’re going to want to keep the tissues at the ready for this one – for better and worse.