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Signpost of supporting wordsWords have power.

Words can take you back in time, or forward to worlds only dreamed of. They can persuade you you’re in love and they can freeze you to the spot. Words can change the world, can make you laugh, can take you out of yourself and make you thankful that someone took the time to write them…

But only if they work. If they flow, if they weave, if they’re allowed the chance to do their job properly.

Because the wrong words have power too. Nothing turns off a reader, an agent, a publisher, a tutor faster than the wrong words. Words out of context, words misspelled, words with inappropriate or halting punctuation actively stop you from making the impact you want to make.

That’s where Jefferson Franklin can make a difference.

Our editors have years of experience of taking words and making sure they say what the author means them to say, in a way that allows readers at any level to get straight to the meaning. Whether you want to polish a presentation, an academic paper, a speech, a short or long story, a novel or a textbook, we want to help you achieve maximum impact, perfect clarity, and a tangible result with your words.

The guiding principle of Jefferson Franklin is:

Making a world of difference without charging the earth.

That means we pledge to:

  • Ensure every piece of writing we touch leaves us with solid grammar, punctuation and scansion
  • Give sensitive, constructive writing advice to authors, targeted on achieving their writing goals, and
  • Keep our charges reasonable for writers everywhere.

For authors, we have a special service – free, no-obligation sample chapter edits, to help you decide whether Jefferson Franklin is right for your work before you lay down any hard-earned cash.