2017 LGBTQIA Edit Giveaway

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JF logo in Pride rainbow colours

Jefferson Franklin – proud to help LGBTQIA writers raise their voices.

At Jefferson Franklin, we believe in equality of rights, equality of opportunity, and equality of pleasure. That’s why, as Pride London comes to an end, we’re launching our 2017 LGBTQIA Edit Giveaway.

We believe in equality all along the gender spectrum, the sexuality spectrum, and the ability spectrum.

We believe in honouring those who have fought for equality in our society, and celebrating progress and social diversity. But we live in a world where the idea of equality is under threat, so Jefferson Franklin believes it is also important to raise the voices of LGBTQIA people, and especially LGBTQIA writers. Progress cannot be allowed to be eroded – it’s been won at too high a cost over too many years.

That’s why we’re offering free and discounted edits to writers who advance LGBTQIA equality – to help get more LGBTQIA stories into the hands of readers.

The What, When And How

Between Saturday 9th July (the end of Pride London) and 27th August (the end of Pride Cymru in Wales), we’ll be accepting chapters as normal for our free sample chapter edits. These can be up to 10,000 words, submitted by email as a Word document or equivalent to enquiries@jefferson-franklin.co.uk. Don’t submit through this website, use your usual email program and drop us a line. You’ll get a free sample edit and critique of your work, usually returned within seven days (though a little latitude may be needed at times of high demand). We do this all year round in any case, BUT if you put ‘Pride’ in the header of your email, we’ll enter you into the LGBTQIA Edit Giveaway. After 27th August, we’ll be picking one writer to get an entirely free full edit and critique on their manuscript.

Three other contenders will be offered full edits at a 50% discount on our normal price. And all those who send us a ‘Pride’ sample before the end of 27th August will be eligible for a 15% discount.

No Restrictions, No Categories

We’re not about to tell you what to write, and there are no restrictions or categories. By all means, send us the next great campaigning LGBTQIA novel if you’ve written it, but we’re interested in everything. From family sagas to domestic dramas, from general fiction to erotic adventuring, from Young Adult coming-of-age stories to sci-fi epics or the next Game of Thrones, if it advances LGBTQIA equality, or is written by an LGBTQIA author, we want to read it.

Pride of course is a worldwide event, and the giveaway is open to authors from around the globe – we chose the period between London Pride and Pride Cymru as our submission window simply to focus the minds of writers everywhere.

Send us your sample chapters now, get a free edit on them, and who knows – maybe you’ll win the first Jefferson Franklin LGBTQIA Edit Giveaway.

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