A Letter To A Popular UK Writing Magazine

Written by Tony Fyler on . Posted in News

Sometimes, word-of-mouth is the best advertising you can get. Author Melissa Kay – who took advantage of our free, no-obligation sample chapter edit – did mention she was going to write to a leading UK writing magazine about the service she received, but we never imagined they’d publish her letter.

Which makes seeing this in print in the June issue of the magazine all the more rewarding:


“In the March issue I spotted an advert for an editing company, not unusual in itself except that this one was offering a free edit of your first chapter. Having just completed my book’s first draft I emailed the contact to see if this could really be true. Surely there was some catch? Not only was there no catch, there were actually huge benefits. The report I received back, only a week after I’d sent my chapter over, was insightful, honest and constructive. My message is two-fold. Sometimes there is such a thing as a ‘free lunch’ and it’s part of the way we know we are on the right path – these little synchronicities can go a long way to encourage us in our creative endeavours and pointing out the direction of the path to success. I know the advice I received will shape my next steps in editing my novel. What a pleasant and helpful experience.”

Melissa Kay, Mwanza, Tanzania