25% Off Your Editing Costs With Our Summer Sale

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Sale written in the sand

Our Summer Sale can save you a cool 25%

Here’s a question: would you like 25% off your editing costs?

Your wish is our command.

At Jefferson Franklin, our editors’ lives are governed by clocks, diaries and calendars – our pricing matrix is based on word-count and turnaround-time, and we work to deadlines and schedules.

In the hope of filling up our editing calendar for the rest of 2018, we’re offering a 25% discount on your full edit and critique IF you place your booking between 1st June-31st August, and quote Summer18 Offer in your email.

For instance, a full edit and critique on a 70-100,000 word manuscript with a four-week turnaround would normally cost £800. Take advantage of this offer and it’ll cost you just £600.

Any questions?

Ah, yes.

  1. No, the edit doesn’t have to TAKE PLACE within the 1st June-31st August period – the edit can take place any time until the end of 2018. You just have to BOOK it within that timeframe to get the discount.
  2. Yes, you can still get our free, no-obligation sample chapter edit before you book – that’s a fundamental plank of our business model, and will never change.
  3. Yes, you can still take advantage of our range of payment options, including instalment plans and gift vouchers, to help towards the cost of your edit.
  4. Yes, the 25% discount is scalable to whatever size of manuscript you send us, and whatever turnaround-time you want.
  5. Yes, the offer only applies to the ‘full edit and critique’ service level, as it’s our most popular service level.
  6. No, the offer can’t be used in conjunction with any other discount, sadly. Editors need to eat too.

So help us fill up our 2018 editing diaries, and save yourself a full 25% of the cost of your edit.

Drop us an email at enquiries@jefferson-franklin.co.uk and let us book you in today.

Self-Publishers Get An Extra Gift

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The crew at Jefferson Franklin HQ

Send us your selfies!

Hey, Self-Publishers! Send us your selfies and say ‘Freebies!’

The team at Jefferson Franklin Editing are proud to be supporting this year’s Self-Publishing conference at the University of Leicester on April 28th – we’re in the programme, and you’ll find our list of services for authors everywhere you look.

Sadly, we can’t be there in person this year – deadlines, deadlines – but we’ve decided to give authors who attend the conference an extra-special thank-you.

Simply find our ad in the programme, or our list of services, and take a selfie at the conference with either, then send us the picture to enquiries@jefferson-franklin.co.uk to get a gift voucher worth £50 against the cost of any of our editing services on your work before you self-publish it. Alternatively, send your selfie to us via Facebook, or tweet it to us at @JFEditing

The £50 voucher is on top of the 10% discount we’re offering to authors who book edits with us and quote SELFPUB18 in their email header – yes, we love you all that much – and the free sample chapter edits we offer as standard.

Naturally, we can only give one voucher per attending author, but Like, Share and RT this message to your author friends, so they don’t miss out.

Lock Yourself In With A Good Book

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Locked In. Take the phone off the hook, you’re not going to want to be disturbed.

At Jefferson Franklin Editing, one of the perks of what we do is that we get to read fantastic new books ahead of the crowd.

Locked In, by GB Williams, is the second of the Teddington and Bell novels, a gritty hostage thriller that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat from Page 1.

We were lucky enough to read it when it came in for editing. Now it’s your turn – published by Bloodhound Books, Locked In takes the story of Ariadne Teddington and Charlie Bell, a prison guard and a former cop-turned-killer, to explosive new heights, as they’re locked in together during a bank robbery.

When one is a hostage and the other’s a gunman, how can they both get out alive?

Locked In is available for download at Amazon now – get your copy, and say farewell to your fingernails.

Jefferson Franklin Editing Gift Vouchers – Holiday Offer

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A Jefferson Franklin Editing Gift Voucher

Jefferson Franklin Gift Voucher.

Let your friends and family support your writing

with a Jefferson Franklin Editing gift voucher!


In the run-up to the holiday season, there is now a way for your friends and family to support your creativity – by buying Jefferson Franklin Editing gift vouchers to present towards the cost of a future edit, or for any of our creative services!

All vouchers purchased before midnight Christmas Eve 2017 will receive a 10% bump in face value – and as an added incentive we are waiving the expiry date, so all holiday vouchers sold will be redeemable whenever your work is ready!

Anyone interested should email admin@jefferson-franklin.co.uk and quote #2017HOLIDAYVOUCHER in the subject line with their enquiries on how to purchase a gift voucher.

Voucher orders paid for prior to the 21st will be posted to be received prior to Christmas Day (UK only.  International orders will automatically receive an electronic message for presenting to the recipient). No minimum purchase is required and there is no limit to the number of vouchers you can apply towards an edit, so everyone can contribute a voucher to fund your edit!

Spread the word to your family and friends – a voucher from JF Editing is the perfect holiday gift to help support you and your writing.