We’re at the Festival of Writing, University of York!

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Tony Fyler, Editor-in-Chief. Not so much a case of 'stop me and buy one' as 'stop me and get one free.'

Tony Fyler, Editor-in-Chief. Not so much a case of ‘stop me and buy one’ as ‘stop me and get one free.’

Today – Friday 13th September – sees the beginning of this year’s Festival of Writing at the University of York. And for the first time, Jefferson Franklin will be at the festival, in the person of our Editor-in-Chief, Tony Fyler.

Attending as an aspiring writer, Tony will, like all attendees, be aiming to get the most out of the packed programme on offer.

If you would like to take advantage of Jefferson Franklin’s free sample chapter edit and critique offer, nothing could be simpler. This is how you do it:

  1. Send us an email at enquiries@jefferson-franklin.co.uk, attaching your first chapter as a Word document
  2. We will send you your free, no-obligation chapter edit and critique, usually within seven days.

That’s it – simple, straightforward, free, and no-obligation. If you don’t like what we do, you need never come back to us or hear from us again. If you can see the value in a Jefferson Franklin edit, we’ll be delighted to give you a quote for editing your work. Remember – we’ve capped our prices, so no author of a work up to 200,000 words pays more than £500 for a Jefferson Franklin edit.

Alternatively, if you happen to be at York, look out for Tony – he’ll be difficult to miss in his Jefferson Franklin shirt – and arrange  to get your edit in person.


The Day-Brightener

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With what is becoming a pleasing regularity, writers who have taken advantage of our free, no-obligation sample chapter edits write back to tell us how valuable they have found them. Those are emails that really brighten our day here at JF Headquarters.

The most recent such email arrived today, from aspiring writer Cheryl Cole (no, we’re pretty sure it’s not that Cheryl Cole). Cheryl agreed to let us share her words on our website, so here – don’t just take our word for it. When it comes to the Jefferson Franklin difference, the emails speak for themselves:


Dear Jefferson Franklin,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you so much for the free sample edit.

The advice I received has been priceless. It’s the most insightful critique I have ever had (I have been writing in different mediums for over ten years).

This is my first novel and you have really helped get me back on track and focus my storyline.
I will definitely be recommending you to my writer friends and I will be returning for another edit when I have completed my novel.

Many Thanks



Why not follow in Cheryl’s footsteps and get your own free sample chapter edit and critique today? Simply email us your first chapter as a Word document to enquiries@jefferson-franklin.co.uk and we’ll get your edit back to you as soon as possible – usually within seven days.

Welcome Our New Editor

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Since it began trading in March 2012, Jefferson Franklin has been a busy but tight-knit collective of editors, each with their own specialties and expertise.

Now, we are delighted to welcome our first new team member – Swansea-based writer, editor and technical wiz, Gail Williams.

Gail began her connection to the company, like many others, having seen the JF ads in Writing Magazine and taking advantage of our free sample chapter edit offer. We went on to edit her manuscript, Dead Happy, a hard-bitten and sharply observed crime and cops drama set in the Welsh Valleys (where JF itself is based), and it was clear that Gail and the JF team had a rapport from the start. When we learned of her skills as an editor too, we put her through all the standard editing tests – and then a few extra-special, doubly devious ones we keep on hand at JF Towers, just to sort the merely supremely competent from the Jefferson Franklin candidates…and Gail sailed through them all and asked for more.

We like that sort of attitude at JF, and the timing of Gail’s arrival couldn’t have been better – after eighteen months, the company is busier than ever, its reputation growing, and its commitment to helping writers make the best of their writing expanding with every free sample chapter edited.

Writing has been called ‘the most fun you can have with your clothes on.’ Editing, says Gail, is ‘the only job that never really feels like work.’

That’s why we’re delighted to say welcome, Gail Williams, the newest editor in the Jefferson Franklin team.

Jefferson Lands On Youwriteon.com

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When aspiring writer Siobhan Daiko (author of wartime drama Fragrant Haven and timeslip story In My Lady’s Shadow) spotted an ad for Jefferson Franklin’s free sample chapter edits in Writing Magazine, she dropped us an email and got her free edit and critique within seven days.

Normally, that’s either the end of the process – there’s no obligation to use JF going forward – or the beginning of a fruitful relationship.

In Siobhan’s case, she cranked the fruitful up to 11.

She posted her free critique on the popular writing board www.youwriteon.com. The critique – and the fact that it was free and without obligation – interested a number of other authors, and Jefferson’s order book has grown fuller as a result.

So thank you Siobhan for introducing Jefferson Franklin to the vibrant writing community that is www.youwriteon.com – why not join the board today? It’s free, it’s fun, you get critiques from fellow writers and if your work is rated highly enough, you can get professional critiques from publishing houses.

While you’re getting free critiques, why not follow Siobhan’s lead and send your first chapter to us at Jefferson Franklin for your free, no-obligation edit and critique – email your chapter as a Word document to enquiries@jefferson-franklin.co.uk