What if…?

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The Lifewatcher, by Christine Mary Flemming.

The Lifewatcher, by Christine Mary Flemming.

What if, when your relatives died, they simply didn’t go away?

A simple premise underlines Christine Mary Flemming’s The Lifewatcher, edited by Jefferson Franklin. But the book is anything but simple. Set in the First and Second World War, it takes in the sweep of great political movements, like the fight for women’s suffrage, and shows how hardship can impact a single family – and how, whether we want them to or not, other people can change our lives forever.

A compelling, surreal take on the traditional family saga, Christine Mary Flemming’s The Lifewatcher could very well change your own philosophical outlook on the world. Get it from Amazon today.

Take A Letter With Jefferson Franklin

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Kathryn Hughes' debut novel, The Letter.

Kathryn Hughes’ debut novel, The Letter.

Kathryn Hughes wrote Jefferson Franklin a very modern letter in February 2013, looking for an edit. We were delighted to oblige, and within a handful of heartbeats, her tale of domestic violence, female courage, and generations linked by a letter that never got sent was published by Matador.

It’s a compelling story, told from multiple viewpoints in the 1930s, 1970s and the modern day. One thing we can guarantee – once you’ve read The Letter, you’ll be a Kathryn Hughes fan forever.

Kathryn was kind enough to send a second email to the JF offices once she was published, saying

Thanks once more for all your positive comments.  You really spurred me on and gave me the courage and belief to put it out there.

Check out Kathryn Hughes’ debut novel on Amazon today.

Jefferson Writer Find Messrs Right At Harper Impulse

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The spanking new cover to Wendy Lou Jones' The Songbird and the Soldier

The spanking new cover to Wendy Lou Jones’ The Songbird and the Soldier

Wendy Lou Jones, whose novel The Songbird and the Soldier was originally edited by Jefferson Franklin, was initially self-published as an e-book on Amazon.

Now though, the tale of romance against the odds between a songstress and a Sergeant in an all-too-modern war has been picked up by Harper Impulse.

The book sees its major imprint re-launch on 25th July. Wendy Lou said Harper would be putting the book on sale with ‘a brand new cover, a few new scenes – but no corrections of grammar or punctuation.’

Jefferson Franklin – good enough for Harper Impulse. Wendy Lou Jones – breaking your heart…soon.


For more on The Songbird and the Soldier, check out the Harper Impulse website

(buying options right there on the screen).

Those Who Serve

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Service Leavers GuideIt’s Memorial Day in the US, and while Jefferson Franklin is a UK company, we are named after two great Americans, so we commemorate holidays on both sides of the Atlantic. So today, we say thank you for all those who have served in the military, for keeping us safe and having the courage and the commitment to do what is necessary, even at the cost of their own lives.

Here at JFE, we also support those in Service who decide to come home and make a life for themselves in civilian society, which is why we offered our services to Mark Thompson and Nick McCarthy, authors of The Service Leavers’ Guide To Commercial Security: Resettlement Advice and Guidance.

A no-nonsense and uncompromisingly honest look at the gear shift necessary for Service Personnel to make a successful life on Civvy Street, the book is guaranteed to help those who serve enjoy long and happy careers in the society they have fought to protect. It is available now on Amazon.co.uk.

Service Personnel, we thank you.