Are You NaNo-Ready?

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Are You NaNo-Ready?
NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – begins on 1st November. The aim is to clear your focus and write a 50,000 (minimum) word novel by midnight, local time, on November 30th. No going back, no rewriting, no editing – just going forward until you finish.

The idea is that once you’ve written your novel, you should put it away in a drawer for three months, until you’ve gain
ed a little perspective on what you’ve written – then rewrite and edit it into the book you want it to be.

To celebrate and support all NaNoWriters, Jefferson Franklin is running a NaNoWriMo offer. Register your NaNoWriMo creation for a full edit during 2013, and do it before the stroke of midnight, local time, on 30th November 2012. Then, when you’re ready to submit your manuscript for editing (before 1st November 2013), we’ll give you a 10% discount on your edit.

To take advantage of the offer, register your interest by emailing us and putting NaNo12 in your subject bar.

JFE arrives in the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook

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Welcome to all the new writers who saw our ad in the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2013! We’re delighted to be able to help you with your editing and proofreading needs.

Take a look at our various service levels, and don’t forget our free sample chapter edit offer – an absolutely no-obligation edit of your first chapter, so you can try before you buy.

Oh Say Can You See… The JF Editing Independence Day Sale!

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Mr Jefferson...

Jefferson Franklin was named after two great Americans, and while it’s based in Wales, the company is half American in its make-up. So, to celebrate Independence Day, all writers living in the US will be eligible for a 20% discount on all their editing for the space of one day!

The day will begin at 12.01 GMT on 4th July – (20.01 Eastern Time, 14.00 Hawaii Time – 3rd July) – and will run until 12.01 Hawaii Time (06.00 Eastern) on 5th July, to allow a majority of US writers to take advantage of the offer.

NB – we know it’s not really fair to expect writers to have pieces ready for editing on a one-day deadline, so here’s the deal. You don’t have to SEND your work for editing during this one-day period to take advantage of the 20% discount. You only have to BOOK your work for editing during this period to get 20% off, in celebration of Independence Day.

Tell us what your word-count is, how long you’d like the turnaround time to be – from 1 to 4 weeks – and tell us when you think you’ll be ready to deliver the work. We’ll invoice you at the 20% discounted rate, and then when the work is ready, simply send it to us to get it edited to our publishing standard.

Email us to get your discounted quote, and have a great (and economically responsible) Independence Day!

…and Dr Franklin


JF Editing Rewards Welsh Writers With Discount

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Welsh writers in English are well-known for their creative flair, their evocative storytelling and their way with words. What they’re not so well-known for is their eye for rogue commas, misplaced words and inaccurate declensions.

Jefferson Franklin Editing, based in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, is aiming to change all that with a 15%  discount on all its author services for writers in Wales until the end of 2012.

“It’s all about stimulating local creativity,” said Editor-in-Chief Tony Fyler. “Open any local paper in Wales on any given week and you can be fairly sure to see ‘local author hopes for success…’ as a headline. But who’s editing their work? Who’s making sure local authors produce work that can stand proudly with the Big Boys and Girls of the publishing world? Who’s squashing all the rogue commas and spotting all the run-on sentences? Well, now the answer is – we are”.

Fyler – who has only recently returned to the Valleys after 15 years as a journalist and editor in London – says local authors face an increasingly tough challenge.

“In this day and age, most publishers haven’t got the time and won’t allocate the funds to get your work professionally edited,” he said. “They expect you to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of past participles, present possessives, conditional clauses and the like. They see all the grammatical knowledge as part of your job as a writer.

“At Jefferson Franklin, we believe your job as a writer is to make your content engaging. Our job is to worry about declensions, subjunctives, past participles, scansion, margins, fonts, typos, possessive apostrophes and all the underpinning that makes your work read like the professional book it should be. We say let writers be writers, and let us take care of all the fiddly stuff!

“And of course the new trend is to self-publish, or e-publish. That’s a great way of getting your work out into the world, fast – but it also means if your work’s not properly edited, all your mistakes go out into the world fast too, getting in the way of your content and turning off your readers.”
Fyler admits there are plenty of agencies who will offer critiques and editorial services out there.
“But the prices!” he exclaims. “I know there’s the romantic ideal of being a starving writer, but if you went to some of these places, you’d get a whole lot of romantic idealism in one go! Writers cannot live by pristine manuscripts alone, so for the first year, we’ve capped our prices for authors of works up to 200,000 words, be they fiction or non-fiction. And, as a special incentive to get the creative juices flowing, we’re offering a 15% additional discount to writers living in Wales. Just put the word ‘Cymru’ in the subject line of your enquiry email to qualify.”

To get a quote to edit your work, email us or call 0791 789 7813.