Steel And Bone

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The cover for Steel and Bone

Steel and Bone – Stories with a steampunk vibe.

We love a good dose of steampunk here at Jefferson Franklin.

One of our editors, Gail Williams, loves it most of all right now, as she’s the author of a story in a a brand new anthology of tales with a touch of steel worked into their bones.

Steel and Bone is a great new collection from Xchyler Publishing, with a touch of Gail’s trademark grit about it. Pick it up today from Amazon.

Meet Our Newest Editor

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Darren J Coles standing against a large stone block.

Darren J Coles, in the free time he had before joining the team.

Darren J Coles has joined the team here at Jefferson Franklin Editing, and we’re delighted to welcome him to the editing roster. Darren has shown himself to have a broad range of references, a great understanding of the construction of a narrative, and a keen eye for what makes a compelling story work.

In editing, as in life, there are people who like to dip their toes in the water, and there are people who dive elegantly into the deep end, to the amazement of all who watch. Darren’s very much a deep-ender, having taken on a 160,000 word edit as his first project once he’d hacked his way through the rigorous testing procedure through which we put new editors here at JFE.

(You might even say he’s thoroughly deep-end…able – Ed).

Ahem – the editor who wrote that last line has been taken out and shot, so it’s just as well we have new blood coming in. Welcome to our newest editor. Welcome to Darren J Coles.

JF Editor Scores Anthology Success

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Buy Unforgotten now.

Buy Unforgotten now.

JF Editor Gail Williams has scored a short story double with her short stories. Two of the aspiring author’s tales are to be published in an anthology by the Swansea and District Writers’ Circle.

Unforgotten is a poignant collection of stories focused on the First World War, and Gail has two gripping stories with very different tones included in the anthology.

Unreserved is about a young man in the trenches who seems to lose everything, before finding what he needs.
In Those We Leave Behind, as 1918 becomes 1919 an old soldier reflects on his life and all those he has outlived.

Summer Double Launched on Amazon

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Bob Summer's Breaking East - one of two great books out now on Amazon

Bob Summer’s Breaking East – one of two great books out now on Amazon

Bob Summer has become a Jefferson Franklin favourite over the last year. In particular, Bob’s YA dystopia, Breaking East, and her (yes, her) story of youth and secrets, Alone But Not Lost have blown our editors away.

Bob’s had a busy couple of months, launching Breaking East on Amazon in May, and Alone But Not Lost hot off the e-presses in July.

For stories with heartbreaking grit and a core of the strength of young people, you can’t do better than Bob Summer. Check her out here.