The Word of Mouth Factor

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Hey! Jefferson Franklin's just been recommended in Writers' Forum!

Hey! Jefferson Franklin’s just been recommended in Writers’ Forum!

We’ve had a fantastic week at Jefferson Franklin.

First, we had a note from an author to say they had successfully landed a publisher for a novel we edited – without even getting an agent first (more details when the publisher allows us to reveal them).

Then we had a note from another author we’ve just edited, to say that one of the UK’s major agents loved their first three chapters and wanted to see the whole manuscript (more details when they sign contracts).

And then, out of the blue, Writers’ Forum Issue #153 arrived at our office. In Issue #152, an author wrote to the letters page, saying that a “well-known review and editing service” had let him down with the quality of their work, and asked whether that was typical in the marketplace.

In Issue #153, author Anne Wilson, for whom we’ve edited two books (Here be Dragons, and Mostly Ghostly With A Bit Of Life) answered that query, saying that, in contrast to the complainant’s experience with the more well-known service, Jefferson Franklin had reliably delivered “personal, professional and invaluable” service on her work, and recommending authors invest in one of our edits if they believed in their writing.

Editor-in-Chief Tony Fyler said he was delighted that for the second year running, an author had been moved, entirely of their own volition, to write to a leading UK writing magazine to recommend the services of JFE.

“My dad had a business and he never needed to advertise a day in his life,” said Fyler. “He believed in doing the kind of job that made people want to recommend him to their friends – and they did. You can’t put a price on word of mouth recommendations. I’m proud that Jefferson Franklin is continuing to deliver that sort of service to its customers.”

To read the letter page, click the link below.

Letters Page from Writers’ Forum.

The Power Of The Sample Chapter Edit

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Alex Kingston as TV's Moll Flanders. If you enjoyed that, you'll love Five Guns Blazing.

Alex Kingston as TV’s Moll Flanders. If you enjoyed that, you’ll love Five Guns Blazing.

Now…just to be clear…we’re not saying this was all down to us. Absolutely not, not in any way, shape or form.

With its Tarantino title, its Moll Flanders tone and its Musketeer-style swashbuckling, Five Guns Blazing, by Emma Rose Millar and Kevin Allen, kicked the doors in and announced itself as a contender not only for publication, but also for TV or movie adaptation right from the get-go.

We loved it here at JFE – the story of a waif in the 1700s, a girl forced to dress as a boy through a youth in a London workhouse, through transportation to a plantation in Barbados, and on into a life of piracy among the likes of ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham, Anne Bonny and Mary Read was a red-hot page-turner from start to finish, while also delivering a thoughtful elegy on coming of age and becoming yourself in spite of the odds. And we did our best, when it came in for a free sample chapter edit, to improve on what was always going to be a great adventure story.

When Emma Rose got back in touch to book the whole book in for a full edit, we were thrilled – firstly because we’d get to see how it ended, but secondly because she was kind enough to tell us that after our free sample chapter edit, the first chapter of the book had won a prize! The Chanticleer Book Review Great Beginnings Prize, to be exact.

The book was one of a handful to win exposure and a free entry to an appropriate writing contest this year.

Sadly, we can’t give you a link just yet to where the book is available. But trust us…it will be. And you’ll be among the first to know when it is, because it’s a great book that deserves a wider audience.

As we say, we’re not claiming the book’s success is down to our editing by any means.

All the same…

Why not see what a Jefferson Franklin free sample chapter edit can do for your work today – send your opening chapter as a Word document to


Wendy Lou Jones and Harper Impulse Publish New Book

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The second novel by a JFE favourite - Wendy Lou Jones - out now!

The second novel by a JFE favourite – Wendy Lou Jones – out now!

When we first met Wendy Lou Jones, she was writing her first book, The Songbird and the Soldier. After a full edit, she went the e-publishing route and found success.

Then Harper Impulse came knocking, and signed her up, republishing Songbird under their own brand of e-publishing, with the paperback to follow.

Now, Wendy Lou and Harper have released her second romance, By My Side – available at Amazon as of today.

Now we at JFE haven’t had a hand in editing By My Side, because of course, when Harper take you on, it’s all champagne, caviar, hunky grape-peelers at your beck and call and so on. But that’s OK, we’re not bitter – in fact we’re delighted the world gets to read a little more Wendy Lou Jones.

There’s also a third book written and ready to go to Harper’s House of Romance, so it’s very very simple – go. Go now, to an e-book supplier of your choice, and download Wendy Lou Jones’ new book, By My Side. If you havent’ caught the Jones bug already, why not download Songbird while you’re there and get yourself a double-bill of real, believable, compelling romance that’ll make you laugh and cry and punch the air. Then when the third book comes out, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Warrior King Legacy

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Warrior King Legacy - one of the best books we've read this year.

Warrior King Legacy – one of the best books we’ve read this year.

It’s an interesting life, being an editor. You get to read people’s work, long before the general public ever see it. Sometimes, it’s your job to tell an author the work is not ready for the general public yet, sometimes you enjoy a book and suggest tweaks that could make it work more effectively…and then, just occasionally, you get to read a book that makes you want to start a publishing company, just so you can get more people to read it.

Anthony Hogger’s Warrior King Legacy, published this week on Amazon, is one of those books.

The book is a historical fiction masterpiece, telling the story of Vercingetorix, King of the Gauls in the time of the expansion of the Roman Empire. Warrior King Legacy blends a story of fathers and sons and the expectation of greatness thrust on a child with philosophical concerns of relevance even today – what do you do if the greatest superpower in the world wants to take your land, your resources, your way of life? Vercingetorix chose a destiny in opposition to the might of Rome, and forged the disparate and distrusting tribes of Gaul into a single, unified nation, then pitted his skills against the armies of the Empire.

The armies lead by Julius Caesar.

In a clash of destinies where only one can be victorious, Warrior King Legacy shows Vercingetorix the man, behind the trite descriptions in Caesar’s own account of the Gallic Wars. It shows a man equipped for greatness, powered by self-belief and the legacy bestowed on him by his father, and how he founded a nation the world will never forget.

Warrior King Legacy is a book so good that we at Jefferson Franklin read it twice during the editing stage – and immediately bought it for the pleasure of reading it again when it was released.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Gauls today – Warrior King Legacy is at Amazon now.