Jefferson Lands On

Written by Tony Fyler on . Posted in News

When aspiring writer Siobhan Daiko (author of wartime drama Fragrant Haven and timeslip story In My Lady’s Shadow) spotted an ad for Jefferson Franklin’s free sample chapter edits in Writing Magazine, she dropped us an email and got her free edit and critique within seven days.

Normally, that’s either the end of the process – there’s no obligation to use JF going forward – or the beginning of a fruitful relationship.

In Siobhan’s case, she cranked the fruitful up to 11.

She posted her free critique on the popular writing board The critique – and the fact that it was free and without obligation – interested a number of other authors, and Jefferson’s order book has grown fuller as a result.

So thank you Siobhan for introducing Jefferson Franklin to the vibrant writing community that is – why not join the board today? It’s free, it’s fun, you get critiques from fellow writers and if your work is rated highly enough, you can get professional critiques from publishing houses.

While you’re getting free critiques, why not follow Siobhan’s lead and send your first chapter to us at Jefferson Franklin for your free, no-obligation edit and critique – email your chapter as a Word document to