Author Services

We all know that these days, publishers often don’t have the time or the money to invest in books that need the attention of an editor. They expect you to have done that work yourself before you submit to them. Whether you write poetry, short stories, long stories, novels, or non-fiction, one consistent rule applies: work with grammatical errors, work with clunky paragraphs, or work without a clear idea of its flow rarely makes it out of a publisher’s Slush Pile.


Jefferson Franklin believes that editing services shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why we offer a range of prices, depending on the turnaround time you choose. The shorter the work, and the longer we have it, the more the price goes down. That means you have control over your financial destiny.

We have several levels of service to offer prospective authors:

Manuscript Critique — This is an objective reading service. We’re not your family or friends, so we’ll tell you honestly what works, what doesn’t, what your chances of publication are, and where to target your work. We’ll also give you suggestions of how to improve the work to increase your chances of selling it and seeing your name in print.

Manuscript Editing — This is line-by-line feedback for your early draft, including revisions for language issues, and advice on content. At this level we’ll tell you specifically what works, what doesn’t, and how to fix it – as well as attending to your grammar, spelling, scansion and formatting.

Manuscript Proofreading — This is the service for writers who are confident they’re ready for publication. At this level, it’s all about deleting unnecessary commas, adding missed semi-colons, checking margins, and making sure your confidence in your work isn’t let down by the errors that can creep in to any writing project. We can act as your ‘second pair of eyes’.

Free Sample Edit — This is a great, no-obligation way to try our Manuscript Editing service. Send us one chapter of your work, and let us show you the Jefferson Franklin difference, completely free, as our gift to your creativity.

Email us to discuss your needs and get a no-obligation quote.