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Editor Gail Williams Gets An Agent

Written by Tony Fyler on . Posted in News

Gail Williams - Have agent, will conquer criminal underworld.

Gail Williams – Have agent, will conquer criminal underworld.

We’re thrilled to announce that JF Editor and serious writer Gail Williams has found representation with one of Britain’s foremost agencies, Sheil Land Associates, Ltd.

Gail, soon very probably to be known everywhere as the author of one of the hottest criminal series in recent years, first came to the attention of Jefferson Franklin as a client with a rather fabulous police procedural, set in our home town – Merthyr Tydfil, in South Wales. Since then, we’ve read a lot of her work, including several more police procedurals, a gripping serial killer thriller, some tense short stories, a little werewolf romance – and why not? – and her entry into the steampunk collection, Steel and Bone.

She gets a fair bit of writing done, does Gail. And that’s on top of the fact that when we were looking for our first Senior Editor to help the company work with more writers, she had the skills we needed, so she joined the team at JFE – and has subsequently helped lots of other writers achieve their goals.

Now, she’s landed a representation deal with Ian Drury of Sheil Land for her latest novel set in a prison, and appropriately titled Locked Up.

We know of course that getting an agent doesn’t necessarily mean fame and wealth and golden ballpoints and all that. But firstly, it’s Sheil Land, and they know their game, and secondly, it’s Gail Williams, and believe us when we tell you she knows hers too. Soon enough, you’re going to be clamouring for the sequels.

Save ourselves from feeling like cultural Neanderthals later – get on board the Gail Williams train now – check out her website here, or click on the Steel and Bone link to get a different flavour of our very own crime queen.

Agent Success for PM Wilson

Written by Tony Fyler on . Posted in News

PM Wilson

PM Wilson – now represented by the Andrew Mann Agency.

At Jefferson Franklin, we always say that we’re not here to be the author’s friend. We’re here to be the work’s friend.

That said, we’ve become friendly with a lot of our authors, especially as over time, certain authors have come back to us time and time again.

To date, there’s only one author whose house we’ve gone to stay at for a week. That would be Patricia ‘PM’ Wilson, a writer with more ideas than a Black Friday sale at The Big Bumper Ideas Store, and more joie de vivre than Tigger on Red Bull. Her first attempt to become a published novelist though, Driven By Secrets, drew on the harrowing true story of a Second World War atrocity in Crete, and the personal stories of some of those who survived it, to weave a compelling family saga of three generations of women.

From the very first time we read it, we knew Driven By Secrets deserved to go far – its combination of gut-wrenching impact and inspiring characters made it that rare thing – a page-turner that stayed with you long after you’d finished it.

During the course of the edit, Patricia invited us out to her home, which was then in Amiras, Crete, the scene of the atrocity on which Driven By Secrets turns. Meeting some of the people of the town, we became even more convinced that Driven By Secrets was a story that deserved a a wide audience.

Now we’re delighted to announce that PM Wilson has been taken on by Tina Betts of the highly-selective Andrew Mann Literary Agency – and while of course representation by an agent is just the first step towards traditional publication, we confidently expect to see PM Wilson’s Driven By Secrets, and her other work, on bookstore shelves in the future.

Find out more about PM Wilson and her work – not to mention her fascinating life – at her website.