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Jefferson Enjoys Sinful Pleasures

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Sinful Pleasures, from Sinful Press

Indulge in some Sinful Pleasures – you deserve them.

It’s not all about where you put your commas, the life of a Jefferson Franklin editor.

We’re an editing house that understands writers, because all our Senior Editors are writers too. But it’s rare that we collaborate on any project.

Sinful Pleasures, a new anthology of erotic short stories from Sinful Press, based in Swansea, bucks that trend, including stories from both Senior Editor Gail B Williams, and Editor-in-Chief Tony Fyler.

Taking It

Gail’s story, Taking It, simmers workplace tension to boiling point and explores BDSM themes of devotion, obedience, power and love. It also takes the reader into the world of hidden sexual dimensions beneath the professional masks of office politics. Gail brings a gift for complex emotional misdirection to a story that pulses with passion and potential.

Lazy Sunday

Tony’s story, Lazy Sunday, centres on a long-married couple, and how life can get better, and hotter, the more you get to know a person. His married couple turn an ordinary Sunday morning into an unforgettable experience.

In The Company Of Genius

Gail and Tony are honoured to be included in this hot new anthology alongside experienced and professional erotica-writers, including Janine Ashbless and Sonni de Soto. So why not grab your copy today? Sinful Pleasures is available now in electronic and paperback formats from Amazon and from Sinful Press itself.

Editor-in-Chief Writes Doctor Who

Written by Tony Fyler on . Posted in News

Cover of Doctor Who: Purification

What the Editor-in-Chief does between edits – Doctor Who: Purification

Our Editor-in-Chief, Tony Fyler, is a Doctor Who fanatic. So when he got the opportunity to write a 40-minute audio adventure for an ‘unbound’ or ‘unofficial’ Doctor, he jumped at the chance.

The result is Doctor Who: Purification, from On Fleak Productions, which is out today.

In the story, the recently-regenerated Doctor arrives in Hitler’s bunker in the last days of the War, just in time to discover the Fuhrer has one final trick up his sleeves. A trick that could turn the tide of the conflict and change the destiny of the planet.

On Fleak Productions is not affiliated in any way with the BBC, and its audio adventures are entirely unofficial – which means they’re also entirely free to download. Check out Doctor Who: Purification today.