Take A Letter With Jefferson Franklin

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Kathryn Hughes' debut novel, The Letter.

Kathryn Hughes’ debut novel, The Letter.

Kathryn Hughes wrote Jefferson Franklin a very modern letter in February 2013, looking for an edit. We were delighted to oblige, and within a handful of heartbeats, her tale of domestic violence, female courage, and generations linked by a letter that never got sent was published by Matador.

It’s a compelling story, told from multiple viewpoints in the 1930s, 1970s and the modern day. One thing we can guarantee – once you’ve read The Letter, you’ll be a Kathryn Hughes fan forever.

Kathryn was kind enough to send a second email to the JF offices once she was published, saying

Thanks once more for all your positive comments.  You really spurred me on and gave me the courage and belief to put it out there.

Check out Kathryn Hughes’ debut novel on Amazon today.