Welcome Our New Editor

Written by Tony Fyler on . Posted in News

Since it began trading in March 2012, Jefferson Franklin has been a busy but tight-knit collective of editors, each with their own specialties and expertise.

Now, we are delighted to welcome our first new team member – Swansea-based writer, editor and technical wiz, Gail Williams.

Gail began her connection to the company, like many others, having seen the JF ads in Writing Magazine and taking advantage of our free sample chapter edit offer. We went on to edit her manuscript, Dead Happy, a hard-bitten and sharply observed crime and cops drama set in the Welsh Valleys (where JF itself is based), and it was clear that Gail and the JF team had a rapport from the start. When we learned of her skills as an editor too, we put her through all the standard editing tests – and then a few extra-special, doubly devious ones we keep on hand at JF Towers, just to sort the merely supremely competent from the Jefferson Franklin candidates…and Gail sailed through them all and asked for more.

We like that sort of attitude at JF, and the timing of Gail’s arrival couldn’t have been better – after eighteen months, the company is busier than ever, its reputation growing, and its commitment to helping writers make the best of their writing expanding with every free sample chapter edited.

Writing has been called ‘the most fun you can have with your clothes on.’ Editing, says Gail, is ‘the only job that never really feels like work.’

That’s why we’re delighted to say welcome, Gail Williams, the newest editor in the Jefferson Franklin team.